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College Scholarships - Zach Patterson Acquires Mike Rowe Scholarship - Patterson as of late was declared as a beneficiary of the Mike Rowe Works Foundation Work Ethic Scholarship Program, procuring $6,000 to seek after preparing Western Colorado Community College Electric Lineworker program in Grand Junction.

Patterson said he has had his sights set on a vocation as a lineman all through all of secondary school, however before that he wanted to be a pipeline welder until a neighbor prompted him in eighth-grade that electrical work may suit him.

"I investigated it and simply began to look all starry eyed at it," he said.

Patterson, who will register in August, first learned of the Work Ethic financing from MCHS former student Elias Peroulis, who earned the grant following his own 2018 graduation.

Patterson credited his stepfather, Ed Winters, with pushing him to finish the thorough grant process, which included four composed expositions.

"He was there consistently. It presumably took me about a month-and-a-half just to do the grant itself," he said. "Quite long procedure, however it was well justified, despite all the trouble, that is without a doubt."

Some portion of Patterson's application was making a video as a major aspect of The SWEAT Pledge, an abbreviation for "Aptitudes and Work Ethic Aren't Taboo," a progression of proverbs that underline devotion, appreciation and different characteristics of advantageous laborers.

"You needed to do it with respect to the vow that truly hits home with you," he said.

The site states that the program's hidden reason for existing is to limit the hole in talented work in present day society.

"We've demonstrated that open doors in the exchanges aren't options in contrast to reasonable professions — they are practical vocations. Through this program, we urge individuals to gain proficiency with a valuable ability, and we remunerate the individuals who show that they'll work their butts off. With regards to diligent work, there is no option," the site peruses. "Since our beginning, we've in truth, or encouraged the conceding of, more than $5 million in Work Ethic grants and other similar projects or activities that additionally work to close the abilities hole."

During his time at MCHS, Patterson was intensely associated with the school's Future Farmers of America part, including procuring a state FFA degree and numerous distinctions in the Agriculture Technical and Mechanical Skills class of the state rivalry.

Patterson said FFA teacher Rick Murr demonstrated a solid "emotionally supportive network."

"He instructed me a ton of things, similar to administration and being on schedule for things, stuff like that stayed with me through secondary school. He had the option to associate with a great deal of children on such a well disposed premise," Patterson said. "Staying alert, continually learning and not being hesitant to concede when you're off-base, he instructed that, and it will dependably stay with me. That is a standout amongst the most significant things you can detract from an instructor or a homeroom."

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